News at Family Counseling of Springfield

Now Providing Telehealth: Online and Phone Therapy

We are now serving clients — and welcoming new ones — to therapy online and by phone.

Teletherapy — also called telehealth — is a safe, private and effective way to access therapy when conditions prevent meeting in person.

Teletherapy can offer you valuable, timely support so you don’t have to face challenges alone. Existing clients are finding our online and phone counseling positive and essential in continuing in their work.

We welcome your questions about working with us: Call 703-569-1300.

Welcome Two New Therapists

Please join us in welcoming 2 new additions to our team!

Caroline Phan LCSW
Caroline Phan, LCSWW
Frances Rosa LPC
Frances Rosa, LPC

Caroline Phan and Frances Rosa bring a wealth of experience and skill, with a combined 35 years of work as mental health professionals.

You can find their brief biographies as you scroll down our Therapists page, along with other members of our dedicated and skilled team.