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Understanding the Difference Between Couples Therapy and Family Therapy

The terms “couples” therapy and “family” therapy are NOT interchangeable when it comes to insurance billing. Insurance companies define, process and reimburse couples’ therapy very differently than how they define, process and reimburse for family therapy. 

Family therapy may be a covered benefit, especially for patients under 18, when one person is identified as the patient and he or she has been diagnosed with a mental health or chemical dependency diagnosis. The mental illness or addiction issue must be the focus of the therapy. 

When working with couples, clinicians are required to use the DSM5 diagnosis code Z63.0, defined as “Problems in a relationship with spouse or partner”. Couples therapy focuses on the relationship and the interactions that occur between the individuals in that relationship. Neither partner is identified as a patient and a mental health or addiction issue is not the focus of the treatment provided. Unfortunately, because there is no patient, insurance companies do not consider this “medically necessary” and therefore do not cover it. 

Please note: It is insurance fraud to submit erroneous claims in an attempt to seek reimbursement for benefits not covered.

About Counseling for Couples

Therapists often joke that couples wait to begin counseling until they are in “the bottom of the ninth inning!” Unfortunately, by this time it may be too late, because the hurtful words cannot be unsaid, the missed opportunities to connect cannot be retrieved. Please don’t let this happen to you. 

The best thing you can do, for yourself, your partner, and your children, is to seek help sooner, before the anger and pain become too difficult to bear.

Our goal at FCOS is to help you build a stronger, more enjoyable relationship. We will help you learn to improve communication, reduce conflict and arguments, become emotionally closer, and address challenges that may occur due to sexual difficulties, financial issues, and parenting.

We personalize our approach based on the issues you present when you come to couples counseling. We use two different research-based approaches: The Gottman Method and/or Emotionally Focused Therapy. Both are designed to support couples of all economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds, including same-sex couples.

Whether you are newlyweds trying to navigate the challenges of life together, an emotionally distanced couple on the verge of separation, or a retired couple trying to redefine your roles, we can teach you specific techniques designed to improve your relationship and coping strategies and interventions to use when future problems arise.

To find a counselor that specializes in your specific issues, call our practice administrator at (703) 569-1300.

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